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Avocado Fries with Cilantro-Lime Ranch Dipping Sauce

Avocado Fries with Cilantro-Lime Ranch Dipping Sauce

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There is something utterly addicting about the cool combination of avocados, a crunchy topping, and a tangy dipping sauce. Avocado fries will be your new favorite appetizer and party snack. MORE+LESS-

Updated March 8, 2017


cup Bisquick™ Original baking mix


teaspoon red pepper flakes


cups vegetable oil (for frying)


tablespoons fresh cilantro, finely chopped

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  • 1

    Halve, core, and slice the avocados into long, thin pieces.

  • 2

    In a small bowl, mix together the Bisquick™, red pepper flakes, and galic salt.

  • 3

    In a second small bowl, whisk together the egg and milk.

  • 4

    Transfer 2 tablespoons of the milk mixture into the Bisquick™ mixture. Stir until the Bisquick™ becomes coarse and crumbly. Pour the remaining milk mixture over the avocados.

  • 5

    Heat the oil in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Gently transfer the avocados from the milk mixture into the Bisquick™ crumbs. Press lightly to coat each slice of avocado with the crumb mixture.

  • 6

    Slide the crumb-coated avocado slices into the hot oil. Fry just until the outer coating turns golden brown. Remove from the oil and transfer to a plate lined with a paper towel.

  • 7

    In a small bowl, stir together the lime juice, ranch, and cilantro.

  • 8

    Serve avocado fries immediately with Cilantro-Lime Ranch Dip.

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  • Avocado Fries are the ultimate snack.When I was a kid, there was a teensy little concrete restaurant down the road from our home. The windows were always adorned with handwritten weekly specials, there was a buzzer that dinged when you walked inside, and a single booth in which to eat. It was pretty small town America.We’d ride our bikes down to buy a snowcone or burger. But, when the restaurant started offering fried vegetables, my mom (the original health nut of all time) actually started dragging us down there for what she called, “totally irresistible” fried mushrooms and zucchini.Those snacks didn’t much fit into mom’s perpetual diet, and this one probably wouldn’t either. But, inspired by those fried veggies of yesteryear, I took the kitchen to pull together a batch of incredibly sublime Avocado Fries.As if a golden brown, crispy coating isn’t enough to make you swoon for a month, I paired our fries with a Cilantro-Lime Ranch Dip that so beautifully complements the creamy warmth of the fries with a kick of zingy flavor.Enjoy!
  • Get your veggies in a tasty way! Thesevegetable recipes are great for snacks, sides or appetizers.

Avocado Fries with Homemade Ranch Dipping Sauce

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Have you ever had Avocado Fries?

Do you love Avocados? Do you love dippable, delicious food? Do you like crispy, crunchy, creamy, mouth-wateringly, crave-worthy foods? Then these Homemade Avocado Fries are the answer to your foodie heart loving prayers!

If the answer is no… why are you here?

Obviously, since you’re on my blog, the answer is yes, and I know that you’re going to want the recipe for these ridiculously delicious (and EASY) Avocado Fries.

How do I know that you’re going to want the recipe for these crispity, crunchity, creamy, amazing Avocado Fries… because every single person who was lucky enough to be around while I was recipe testing these, has been pounding down the door wanting more.

Crispy Avocado Fries with Homemade Dipping Sauce

Even the skeptics who claimed not to be Avocado fans – they’ve seen the light and are now on team green for life!

I paired these with a creamy, homemade ranch sauce and they disappeared quicker than I could say lickety-split!! Even the “I don’t eat avocado” people DEVOURED these and asked for more!

If you need a creamy, rich, restaurant-style ranch recipe, this is one of my all-time favorites: Homemade Buttermilk Avocado Ranch

The original recipe calls for these being traditionally fried in oil, but if you have an air fryer, you can 100% make them in your air fryer for a healthier option!

Chipotle Steak Fries with Avocado Lime Ranch Dipping Sauce

Need a recipe for you football party, something to spice up your fall evening, or just something that will blow your tastebuds out of the water?! We have the perfect recipe. Smoky Chipolte Steak fries baked in the oven with a little kick. Dip them in a tangy avocado and ranch sauce and it makes the dish complete. Best yet.. it’s healthy!

Potatoes are seriously one of our favorites foods here on OSD. You may or may not know this but Des and I are Idaho girls. Life took us to California, and recently brought me back home to the potato state. We were raised next to potato field and eating them frequently. They are a staple to us! We have noticed that some time potatoes get a bad rap. (Breaks our hearts!) Did you know a medium potato with the skin on only has 110 calories? Not to mention more potassium than a banana, and 45% of your daily vitamin C?! They are fat free, sodium free, and cholesterol free. The potato deserves some props.

Todays recipe with the tangy sauce and smoky chipolte rub isn’t going to ruin any of the lovely health benefits of that beautiful potato . We are seasoning it with spices to give it flavor, serving it with healthy oils (olive oil and avocado) and instead of heavy calorie-full sour cream using plain greek yogurt! (my husband couldn’t even tell a difference….and he was so not for the yogurt).

This is pretty simple to throw together. Place all your spices in a bowl and give them a good sifting to combine. This combination is really forgiving, so if your keen to garlic.. add a little more! Or if you want even more spice, double up on the chipolte. When your russet potatoes are cut up and tossed with the olive oil, sprinkle on the rub. As much or as little as you like! I would advise a little on the heavier side. Potatoes can handle flavor.

The Avocado Lime Ranch Sauce is simple as well! Just toss everything in a blender and pulse until smooth. We used greek yogurt keeping it healthier, but sour cream could be used as well. Really though, try the yogurt! You really don’t notice a difference and your being better your bod. Serve up the sweet and tart sauce with a side of your spicy fries…. and you will be in heaven. Top everything off with a little Cojita cheese because the stuff is amazing and cilantro for a good glam measure and you are set.

We created this recipe in honor of the Potato Goodness #toptater contest host by US Potato Board. The challenge is to come up with a unique Vegas style potato recipe and this is what we thought would taste brilliantly. When we think of Vegas we think of fun, food and lil crazy. A spicy steak fry (who doesn’t love fries!) served with a gourmet dipping sauce was our vision. Dressing up the average fry with all the glitz and glam Vegas-Style baby. Wish us luck in the contest! Winners get to go to the rocking Food Fight Write Blogger contest at the World Food Championships in Vegas!! We are dying to attend.. cheer us on!!

Cilantro Lime Grilled Shrimp With a Creamy Avocado Dipping Sauce

Juicy Cilantro and Lime grilled shrimp kebabs have the perfect tropical, summer taste and the creamy avocado dipping sauce is so rich, fresh and delicious.

If you live in the United States, I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating Independence Day on the Fourth. Summer celebrations are almost synonymous with grilling, and this year, we were having a really relaxing day, (and hiding inside from the heat) so we decided to make Grilled Shrimp Kebabs.

Shrimp takes less than 10 minutes to grill, it tastes so fresh and light, snazzed up with a Cilantro Lime marinade. The Creamy Avocado Dipping Sauce deserves a standing ovation – it’s so YUMMY. I really hope you give it a try. It would go so well with tons of other dishes – fish, chicken, tacos, salads, or as a dip for fresh sliced veggies.


1 lb raw, peeled large shrimp

2 Tablespoons olive oil (or any other oil)

1 Tablespoon lime juice and 1/2 teaspoon lime zest

1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4-1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

1/2 teaspoon granulated sugar (or honey)

1/2 Tablespoon minced fresh cilantro

1/4 cup sour cream or Greek yogurt

1-2 Tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro

1 Tablespoon chopped green onion

1 Tablespoon chopped fresh parsley

salt, ground black pepper, to taste


Preheat the grill to high heat, for at least 15 minutes. Rub the grates with a paper towel soaked in oil several times.

Peel the shrimp and pat it dry. Place it into a bowl with the olive oil all the ingredients – olive oil, lime juice, lime zest, garlic, salt, pepper, sugar and cilantro. Mix to combine.

If you want to marinated the shrimp in advance, you can set aside to marinate up to 30 minutes at room temperature, or up to 24 hours in the refrigerator. Otherwise, thread the shrimp on skewers. I use these 12 inch metal skewers and I was able to get 4 kebabs.

While the grill is preheating, make the avocado dipping sauce by combining all the ingredients in the food processor or blender and pulsing a few times until it is as smooth as you like it. Season it to taste with salt and ground black pepper.

You can eat the shrimp by dipping it in the avocado sauce, or thin it out with more lime juice or more sour cream and drizzling it over the shrimp, like a dressing.

I don’t like the sauce to be too “garlicky”, so instead of mincing the garlic, I smash it with the back of a knife, place it into the sauce and let it sit there while the shrimp is grilling. I then take out and discard the garlic clove before serving it. That way, the sauce will have a nice, mild garlic flavor but won’t be too overpowering.

Place the shrimp on the preheated grill and grill until you have nicely charred grill marks, 4-5 minutes, flip them onto the other side and only grill for another 1-2 minutes.

Shrimp cooks SO fast, so don’t be tempted to cook it longer, or the shrimp will be rubbery and dry.

Serve with the Creamy Avocado Sauce.

Cream cheese wontons are often served with sweet and sour sauce. For a fun twist on sweet and sour sauce, try our cranberry sweet and sour dipping sauce. We’ve included a recipe for cilantro lime dipping sauce instead which has a savory soy sauce base with some zing from lime juice and vinegar.

  • Watch your oil temperature. Use an instant read thermometer for best results. Letting the oil overheat is dangerous so be careful to watch the temperature and check it again in between batches of frying.
  • Put the oil in the bottom of a saucepan or pot with tall sides. This will let the oil pop and splash onto the sides of the pan, not on you or near any flames.
  • Carefully lower your items to be fried into the oil. Never drop them because they will splash and you could end up with burns.
  • With wontons, be sure to seal each one completely so that the filling cannot escape. Make sure there are no air pockets. If the filling escapes through a poor seal or when an air pocket bursts you’ll get an annoying splattery mess when the filling hits the oil.