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The Newest Faux-Cronut Pops Up at Brooklyn’s Trois Pommes Patisserie

The Newest Faux-Cronut Pops Up at Brooklyn’s Trois Pommes Patisserie

Their 'croissant donut' is the latest knockoff of the now-legendary Cronut

Dan Myers

Brooklyn's Trois Pommes Patisserie's Croissant Donut is a very reasonible facsimile of its more famous cousin.

The Cronut trend has been in full-swing since May, when Dominique Ansel Bakery in Manhattan started selling the flaky fried rounds of croissant dough, and shows no signs of letting up. Lines have been forming every morning outside the bakery, and knockoffs have appeared at most likely hundreds of bakeries around the world (click here for our Cronut Map). Several bakeries in New York are serving their own interpretation of the treat (although fewer than you might think), and the newest one was launched earlier this month at Trois Pommes Patisserie, in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood. It costs $4, as opposed to the Cronut's $5.

Their "croissant donut" (most of the portmanteaux have already been taken) is a flaky, layered donut, piped with either vanilla or chocolate crème. Surprisingly, there were a handful of the treats still available shortly before closing on Sunday. While we haven’t had the privilege of sampling an authentic Cronut yet, these were quite good, crisp, flaky, light and not dense, and filled with (maybe not enough) tasty crème. While it’s not the (trademarked) original, it’s a delicious approximation, and there isn't a line for it in sight.

"They’re layers of deep-fried croissant dough, what more could you want?" owner Emily Isaac asked us. We agree.